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Beachoz About us:

Beachoz About Us:

BEACHOZ comes from Spanish slang "bichos", meaning small, insect-like creatures.  They are playful, colorful and sassy! The New BEACHOZ T-Shirts are funny, wise, sweet, loving, and SOMETIMES DISRESPECTFUL!  We currently have 5 collections:  The POLITICAL COLLECTION, highlighting current events and causes; the CLASSIC COLLECTION, which is smart-alecky and wise; BABY BEACHOZ, sooo sweet and cute with onesies and tees from infant to youth sizes; LGBTQ MATTERS, supporting the community of our gay son who is the joy of our life; AND if you love complex and strange design (verging on the creepy), check out our weird DISTURBED COLLECTION!   Whichever you choose you'll enjoy the attention you get everywhere you go...

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